In matrix reimprinting, trauma that you experience in life makes part of you goes into the matrix. What becomes of these dissociated parts are energy conscious holograms. Traditional EFT movie technique is a powerful means to release what has happened in the past. Matrix reimprinting technique allows you to interact with these holograms trapped in past situations. With this you will be able to create a new and supportive picture and memories in your field.

Some of the benefits of matrix reimprinting is given below.

The ease of use of matrix reimprinting is one of its benefits. This is very gentle on you. Here, you can resolve your traumatic experiences without being traumatize again.

Your past can be rewritten with matrix reimprinting. It is not a denial of what has happened in the past. You only need to change the images and memories in the fields for the purpose of resolving and changing the functions of the present cells.

Matrix reimprinting can help you find and resolve core issues. This can help you resolve memories which contributed to the core issues, but you can also instill supporting beliefs and experiences that are new. This can help transform your present belief system.

Matrix reimprinting locates preconscious trauma, even those that occurred when you were very young. In these years is where the most damage is done to our perception of self. Matrix reimprinting tecnque  in Reiki healing online can help you interact with yourself as far back as in the womb, and can access and resolve preconsioucs trauma.

Self-driven reframes and cognitive shifts are produced in matrix reimprinting. You can be guided by a practitioner thought the work is all yours. Here, you lead the process and decide what is best to resolve the energetic disruption around the trauma. The power is with you so you are more likely to reframe the situation yourself or emphasize your cognitive shifts. The resolution is indicated by these shifts which shows that healing has taken place.

Forgivenss of the perpetrator is a result of matrix reimprinting. The purpose of any therapeutic intervention is forgiveness. Forgiveness is not forced on you. There is often a point when you can say that you have forgiven your perpetrator consciously. But on a subconscious level, you have not forgiven the perpetrator. But matrix reimprinting will always bring you to a place of forgivenss.

What is located in matric reimprinting is psychological reversal and secondary gains. Interacting with the hologram makes you understand why you are hlding onto a problem or an issue which is keeping you stuck in an old pattern of thinking or behaving. The hologram is trying to protect you or filter your understanding through the perceptions of a child, and we as adults continue to respond to our own worlds through those same childlike perceptions until the energy around the memory is resolved. This creates more self-understanding and you can then pinpoint your current self-destructive behavior to early memories and replace them with more supporting beiefs and behaviors. Click here for more: